Anna Arteeva

Anna Arteeva

Anna Arteeva

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Head of Product Design, Payoneer

Anna is a designer and design leader, occasional writer, and a world traveller. In her curvy career journey, she explored a few professions in different industries and countries and now applies learned experiences to build a high-performing design team. Her key ingredients for excellent teams are skill and personal diversity, ownership and empowerment, and a clear mission that gives meaning to work.


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Hiring for success


People are at the heart any tech organisation thus getting the best talents is a critical step to success. More than that, the bad hires do exactly the opposite - they are expansive not only at the value of their salaries, but also damages they can do to their teams and products. Find out how to design an effective hiring process, as well as an engaging and memorable experience for candidates and the hiring team.

What will you learn?


Best and worst hiring practises


Why is it important to make a good first impression


How to select the right people for the role

Who is it for?

Design leaders, design sources and HR professionals, and senior professionals involved in design hiring.

Hatch Conference

Hatch Conference



An invite-only event for seniors, leads and managers in the UX, UXR and Product Design fields. Limited spots.

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