Lin Cassie Zhen

Lin Cassie Zhen

Lin Cassie Zhen

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Leadership Coach

Cassie spent the first nine years of her career exploring various fields of design. It wasn't until she had the opportunity to lead a team did she fully realize the rewarding nature of leadership and people management. For the past four years, Cassie led the design team at Contentful. Her work was to align the team's needs during the company's many stages of growth, while helping each designer with their own personal development. Currently, Cassie is focusing on leadership coaching. She works to help people uncover their true self-expression and use it in all aspects of their life, from work to daily activities. Her aim is to help people create lasting, meaningful changes and achieve a deeper level of personal growth.


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The Resilient Leader – gracefully navigating changes, challenges, and uncertainties


We've all been there - restructuring, changing strategic directions, a star designer leaving, and having a hard conversation with a challenging direct report. These situations can seem daunting, but they're normal parts of work and life. In this class, you'll explore the foundational concepts of resilience to help you prepare for these challenges. You'll also get a better understanding of your own leadership style and how it can help you during uncertain situations.

What will you learn?


Applying my values & leadership style to my role


Understanding my approach to facing uncertainties


Navigating difficult conversations

Who is it for?

New managers seeking a foundation to help them navigate uncertainties Experienced managers wanting to add a different perspective to their toolkit

Hatch Conference

Hatch Conference



An invite-only event for seniors, leads and managers in the UX, UXR and Product Design fields. Limited spots.

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