Jimmy Elias

Jimmy Elias

Jimmy Elias

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Founder, Studio Jimmy Elias

Founder of Studio Jimmy Elias (SJE_) and Creative Director Experience Design, living and working in Cologne, Germany. Whether creating a digital experience, a strategy or a brand, Jimmy finds pleasure bridging function with aesthetics – transforming clients’ requests into human-centric experiences. In the past 15 years, Jimmy emphasised crafting experiences in the digital sphere, during which he served as UX Lead for experience design on award-winning projects. Since 2019, he founded SJE_, a context-driven Design Studio specialising in a multidisciplinary service in which Experience Design, Research, Strategy, and Art Direction intertwine. In parallel, Jimmy is a guest lecturer for UX Design at the RFH, UX Trainer at ADC and a judge at the FWA.


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Oct 5th –


Designing Responsibly and Inclusively: Approaching the macro and the micro with the 100+1 framework


How can we redefine our creative process to design more responsible and inclusive experiences? Drawing on current practices in the digital sphere, the masterclass in its first part derives design principles that we apply when designing digital experiences. In its second fold, we dive into the “100+1 approach”; a framework that challenges how we conceptualise digital products and provides pillars on how we could design more context-driven, responsible and inclusive experiences.

What will you learn?


New framework for experience design, to apply in future projects


How to optimise on-going strategic and creative processes


Best practices in creating a responsible and inclusive digital experience

Who is it for?

This masterclass is intended for anyone involved in creating digital experiences. Digital product designers, UX designers, visual designers, design managers and team leads, UX researchers, creative directors and heads of design departments, information architects, and strategists.

Hatch Conference

Hatch Conference



An invite-only event for seniors, leads and managers in the UX, UXR and Product Design fields. Limited spots.

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