Martina Gobec

Martina Gobec

Martina Gobec

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Creative leadership & systems coach

Martina is a strategic designer, certified Co-Active coach and ORSC (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching) coach. Her big passion is building new futures for the regenerative era. She helps stressed creative leaders reclaim their creative confidence and self-belief to shape cultures and work that matters. She brings 20 years of experience in digital innovation, design and design education. She worked as a visual and UX designer at Sony Design Centre Europe and Kontrapunkt before transitioning into strategy and design leadership at ustwo and Vertical Strategy (later Bain&Company). She continues to work with clients all over the world. She loves nature and a good cup of coffee and lives in Copenhagen with her two kids and their dad.


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Taking care of your relationships as design leader


Teams are wonderful and complex entities. Sometimes, there is a lot going on and we can't quite untangle the dynamics of certain situations. This session will help you with this. You are welcome to bring a real life example of a hairy situation in your team that has been bothering you. In this session you will learn to access your inner leadership resources, gain clarity of the team dynamics at play and use the tools to devise a tangible action plan, ready to implement.

What will you learn?


Get familiar with your inner leadership resources and values


Map your internal dynamics and a visual constellation of your team


Gain a systemic awareness of the team and create a plan of action

Who is it for?

Emerging team and people leaders Anyone is interested in exploring their own leadership and team dynamics Anyone responsible for leading a team, either functional team (e.g. design or product) or delivery team Most beneficial for people with direct reports, but it's not a requirement Leaders willing to increase their self-awareness by doing deep work on themselves

Hatch Conference

Hatch Conference



An invite-only event for seniors, leads and managers in the UX, UXR and Product Design fields. Limited spots.

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