Hatch Conference is coming back in 2023!

Berlin's UX and Product Design conference is coming back in 2023 for two days: The Conference, featuring 2 stages and multiple interactive areas in October 6th, and a smaller hands-on day in October 5th. Here's all the info you need to know.

Dec 25, 2022

Two intense days for expert UXers

Save the date(s): In 2023, Hatch Conference is coming back with 2 full days where expert designers will meet, learn, connect and experience a one-of-a-kind event on October 5th and 6th.

After a successful event in 2022 where 150 designers joined in-person in Berlin – for many of them, their first large event since COVID hit! – we couldn't wait to start planning the next one.

And now it's finally here! All the important details follow

The Program

October 6th: The Conference

Our main event is coming back bigger than last year, but with the same focus at heart: making Hatch Conference the best UX networking event of your year.

The second day (Friday, October 6th) will be focused on great speakers delivering fantastic keynotes across two stages. But just as last year, there will be a lot to do. Our new venue provides lots of different areas we'll use to make those important interactions between participants happen. And while all the workshops were now moved to a previous day to give them their right space, we'll introduce roundtables, live podcast recordings, chill rooms, and a lot more.

October 5th: The Ateliers

A day before the conference, and only available to 80 attendees, we've added a full day of hands-on activities where you'll be able to mix and match between different modules on a credit-based system, and topping it off with a seated dinner with amazing atmosphere.

Each ticket will provide you with 4 credits, which can be exchanged for either

  • 1 Full day workshop

  • 2 Half-day workshops

  • 1 Half-day workshop + 2 Masterclasses

  • 4 Masterclasses

Once the tickets go live, you'll be able to select the modules you want to attend, and change them up to a week before the event.

The Content

The 2023 edition still focuses on senior, leads and advanced professionals giving their first steps into design leadership, entrepreneurship or simply wanting to stay connected to new trends and ideas.

The topics of this year are being curated by our team, but we have already a few topics that will be certainly covered:

  • Design Leadership

  • The ROI (Return on Investment) of Design

  • AI & Automation

  • Design Systems

  • Design Ops

  • Inclusivity & Impact

  • Career Paths

This year we'll be able to bring even bigger speakers and facilitators. We'll start announcing the lineup on March 1st, when the first batch of tickets go on sale.

To buy a ticket, you'll have to apply for an invite proving your experience with your Linkedin profile or CV. Non-seniors will be able to access only coming with their team.

The Venue

It wasn't easy, but we found the perfect venue for our next edition. Silent Green Kulturquartier will be hosting us next October. It is a beautiful 2-part venue with a classical dome – full disclosure, it used to be a crematorium! – and a bauhaus-style concrete building with beautiful ateliers on top, and a large underground stage below.

It is a place to experience, walk around, switch between the outdoors and the inside and find the right spot for each part of your day.

Food and other important details

If you attended last year, you know besides excellent content, things like food, drinks, coffee, comfortable spaces, etc. are just as important for us. We believe the vibe has to be just right for you to want to spend over 10 hours with us! That's why, just like next year, your Hatch Conference ticket includes:

  • Free drinks all day

  • Free coffee & tea all day

  • Free breakfast

  • Snacks

  • Free (great!) lunch

  • Free drinks at the closing of the event

On top of that, attendees for day 1 will count with an exclusive seated dinner among attendees and facilitators.

We are also paying special attentions to food allergies or dietary restrictions, and guarantee they will be respected.

Getting tickets

Tickets will go on sale on March 1st. Prices and packages will be announced to all subscribers, as well as in our website and blog. However, to guarantee a spot, we recommend applying for an invite and getting pre-approved to buy. Applying is free and you are not required to buy on approval, it's just a faster way for us to release tickets to people who cover the requirements.

Hope to see you there in 2023!

Looking for a cool ux design conference in Berlin?

Hatch Conference is an invite-only events for senior designers and above happening October 5th and 6th. Join in-person or online, applying for an invitation.